Nothing Fishy About ‘Friends’ Depositing Cash In ATMS All Over Australia Then Not Wanting Seized Money, Police Confirm

KUALA LUMPUR: Sources close to the Inspector-General of Police confirmed today there’s nothing suspicious about Bukit Aman CID director Comm Datuk Seri Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd asking ‘close friends’ to make cash deposits into his Aussie bank account via ATM machines all over Australia for his children’s education then not wanting the money once Australian authorities seized AUD320k to question him for money laundering.

“When you have legitimate money from a property sale you want to send to your kids studying abroad, it’s very inconvenient to log into a bank account and wire the money,” explained Police Offspring Masters Degree Fiscal Repatriation Analyst, Abdullah bin Bakar,

“It’s obviously easier to withdraw it all in Malaysia and get a whole bunch of friends travelling to Australia to bring in wads of cash that’s deposited in amounts just below the Australian AUD10,000 limit via ATMs all over the country including central Queensland country town Biloela, Devonport northern Tasmania, Lakemba west Sydney, and Melbourne.  Then, when Australian authorities seize the money, abandon all AUD$320k of it because it’s ‘too expensive’ to defend.”

“The total in the bank account was AUS$320k or ten times the annual cost of studying for a Master’s Degree in Australia, so the CID director’s explanation clearly checks out.  Nothing to see here!”

1MDB officials have since advised Comm Wan Ahmad to consider something even less fishy next time, such as establishing a shelf company in the Caymans.

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