Jho Low Wins Oscar For Producing ‘The Ship On Water’

HOLLYWOOD:   Malaysian-born Jho Low has won an Oscar for producing the lavish Malaysian taxpayer-financed, international production of 1MDB’s ‘The Ship On Water’.   The playboy and former schoolmate of PM’s stepson Riza Aziz overcame serious competition in the maritime seizures category to win the coveted gold Oscar trophy.


‘The Ship On Water’ tells the story of a complex relationship between a US$250million sea monster and the Malaysian Auditor General who cant explain how he feels about it because sadly he’s mute.



1MDB money laundering like the movie ‘Badang’ is something Malaysians don’t ever want to see.


“Jho Low until recently kept a low profile in 2017.  He is best known for his many 1MDB related performances that have earned him foreign acclaim.  Last year he won ‘best supporting role in a foreign feature,” said Oscar watcher, Dick Powers, “in previous years he was also awarded  for his part in the movie ‘hidden figures,’ and ‘best original score’ for the US$700mil 1MDB PetroSaudi Joint Venture.”


‘Going in Style’ a film about really old men coming out of retirement to get revenge seemed a little unrealistic to Pakatan Harapan moviegoers.



Malaysian parents hailed Jumanji2 as the feel-good fantasy of the year, especially when the teenagers trapped in the computer game escape out of it.



Pennywise the Clown from the movie ‘It’ will show himself as your greatest fear, which for the PM would be his wife after losing GE14.


“This inexplicably wealthy Jho Low once known for his lavish partying, private jets, gambling, yachts and token philanthropy embodies the Hollywood lifestyle, and with the US Dept of Justice on his trail, I hope he finally gets the recognition he deserves!” Powers said in closing.

Jho Low thanked the academy, his ‘big boss’ and her husband for his gold Oscar trophies before putting them up for auction at Sotheby’s along with his art collection.

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