Netizens Say Plane Nudist Was Only Adjusting His Robes

DHAKA: Bangladeshi netizens have slammed the perverts who took pictures of a naked man flying from KL to Dhaka saying like the Sri Petaling LRT Uncle the student was ’adjusting his robes.’

“I was on that flight to Dhaka and despite what the photos show it was clear to me the student simply adjusted his robes until they fell off his body,” the witness insisted,

“The video game enthusiast who while playing Call of Duty with a joystick was sadly misinterpreted as a man pleasuring himself in front of his laptop.

“Like the Sri Petaling LRT uncle who could’ve stood up or tugged the fabric of his garment to adjust his robe without touching the bare thigh of the sleeping woman beside him while looking around guiltily, there’s a simple explanation for everything and sickos taking these videos and pictures implying otherwise should be arrested.”

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