Fake News Media Ignoring 1MDB Facts Govt Helpfully Keeping Secret

PUTRAJAYA: Today sources close to Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Jailing Johari slammed foreign media outlets spreading fake news when they could be reporting the truth about 1MDB which the government has helpfully made an official secret.

“If only foreign news sources such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Economist, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and MSNBC read the 1MDB Auditor General’s report which is classified instead of reporting fake news,” confirmed Fake News Pre-election Reputation Analyst, Abdullah Abu Bakar, “then they would finally know the truth about 1MDB and like Attorney General Apandi Ali, clear Prime Minister Najib Razak of all wrong doing.”

“In the fight against fake news, the PM would surely love to declassify the Auditor General’s 1MDB report seeing the facts clear him and boost his chances of winning GE14.  But as the nation’s leader what can he do?  His hands are tied!”

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