Surgeons Retrieve Panelist’s Retracted Balls

PETALING JAYA: A team of surgeons at Hospital Kuala Lumpur announced they have successfully located and retrieved the retracted scrotum and testicles of Malaysian Political Analysis (Mapan) director Dr. Kamarul Zaman Yusoff who was admitted for immediate surgery last night.

“The patient was rushed in at the conclusion of the “Is Tun M too old to be PM?” forum yesterday,” explained Inverted Manhood Recovery Specialist, Dr. Abdullah bin Bakar, “initial attempts to vacuum Dr. Kamarul’s ‘little panelist’ out of his pelvis failed as prolonged exposure to the former premier he was badmouthing had caused it to retreat up into his chest cavity.”

Dr. Kamarul has been advised to take bed rest and if the problem persists, avoid a certain 92-year-old Doctor.

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