Drug Positive Man In KTV Hostess Room At 2AM Just There For Good Coffee, Supporters Confirm

JALAN IMBI:  Coffee aficionados have turned their backs on hipster single-roast Melbourne Artisan coffee houses, kopitiams, and mamak stalls it was revealed Bandar Tun Razak Umno division chief Rizalman Mokhtar is a huge fan of the 2 AM Nescafe brewed at De Vegas Club KTV despite later testing positive for drugs.

“The KTV coffee served at De Vegas is really something,” said caffeine enthusiast and Rizalman supporter, Abdullah bin Bakar, “the rich coffee taste is best appreciated the way drug positive Umno Div Chief Rizalman does, at 2 AM in a private karaoke room with a few drug positive guest relations hostesses!   One taste and they say you’ll be hooked!”

Drug rehabilitation experts warn KTV coffee is not only addictive but can be harmful to your GE14 eligibility.


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