Cleared Rizalman Hoping To Test Positive For Votes

KUALA LUMPUR: Bandar Tun Razak Umno chief Datuk Rizalman Mokhtar has received an official Urine U-turn letter from police allowing him to potentially test positive for votes in the coming General Election.

“Anything can happen now that Rizalman is tied in a one-all draw setting up the third decider,” explained urine test backflip analyst, Abdullah bin Bakar, “he tested positive in his first test and negative in his second, but can the 2AM Nescafe sipper test positive for votes in the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary seat?”

Police have apologised to Datuk Rizalman explaining the initial test strip was so sensitive it accidentally picked up traces of drugs from the urine sample of the karaoke hostess seated beside him.

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