POLITICS: Royals Urged To Speak Up When We Agree With Them And Not Meddle When We Don’t

MALAYSIA: As election fever sweeps the nation and with Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim’s pro-govt political views lauded in today’s mainstream media, observers have concluded rulers are most welcome to share their opinions about politics when we agree with them so long as they remember not to meddle when we don’t.

“I like my royals to speak up about their displeasure with the 1MDB scandal while keeping their pro-BN preferences to themselves,” said one Pakatan voter completely aware a staunch BN supporter would want the exact opposite to be true with rulers maintaining silence on 1MDB while voicing support for the ruling government.

Experts have concluded royals can best serve the nation if they speak up and keep silent at the same time.

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