Nation Has That Fresh New Government Smell

MALAYSIA: After what seemed like an eternity of electoral tyre kicking, at 10 PM last night, the nation finally drove their sparkling new Pakatan government out of the GE14 showroom.

“This new government certainly gives the nation that fresh new car smell despite having a few recycled parts,” explained cruising democracy enthusiast Abdullah bin Bakar,

“It’s great this shiny new government was delivered in time for Raya, our neighbours Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore will be so impressed!”

“This new government is hopefully an improvement on the last one which had decent pickup, but lubricant was expensive and the fiscal engine leaked.  Also, we could barely see out the tinted windows due to a lack of transparency.”

While this new government will inevitably still require regular tune-ups, Malaysians have confirmed they will be keeping the plastic on the seats and relishing this moment for as long as possible.

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