Newspapers Shelve Unflattering Photos

MALAYSIA: Ushering in a new age of journalistic freedom, today local newspapers officially retired dozens of unflattering photos used to ‘vilify’ former opposition personalities who now form the Pakatan Harapan government.

“Nothing sells a good smear piece like a terrible photo, especially seeing most people never read past headlines!” explained political photographic media spin enthusiast, Abdullah bin Bakar.

“Printing a photo of a mischievous Anwar Ibrahim, angry Lim Kit Siang or grumpy Dr Mahathir sadly accompanied many an article warning Malaysian voters of the hellscape Malaysia would become if the then angelic Barisan National government was toppled by voters.  These pictures all need to be retired now, or at least put in cold storage until after GE15.”

It is understood page layout editors are in the process of digging up unflattering photos of former Premier Najib Razak biting his nails, looking left shiftily and half blinking to accompany future articles exposing corruption in his administration.

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