First Lady’s Departure A Blow To Local Photoshop Industry

TTDI: Despite the promise of strong future economic prospects, the nation’s newly elected Pakatan Harapan government came under fire today from representatives of Malaysia’s photoshop industry who claimed they were hit hard by the unexpected departure of the former first lady, Datin Rosmah Mansor.

“We were blessed until recently to have such an enthusiastic supporter of our craft,” explained digital facial landscaping enthusiast, Abdullah bin Bakar,

“Thanks to the tireless support of our former first lady, Malaysia leapt to the forefront of digital blemish and wrinkle removal technology.  In the past decade, many exciting career opportunities opened up in the fields of facial landscaping, dimple quarrying, nose building and cheek trench filling all to curry favour with the powerful wife of the once untouchable former Prime Minister.  What will happen to these jobs now?”

It is understood the group intend to lobby the new Economic Ministry alongside representatives of the nation’s witch doctor, shaman and aesthetic doctors industries.

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