We’re Finally Ridding The Country Of Thieves! Cheers Man Selling Deadpool 2 DVDs

SS2: Today a seller of RM15 blu-ray discs and RM7 DVDs lauded the government establishing a 1MDB taskforce to bring the culprits behind the looting of indebted wealth fund to book.

“It’s time people who profit by taking what doesn’t belong to them are finally punished.  Finally, in Malaysia, we have rule of law,” said optimistic Hia Today video store proprietor Kelvin Yap burning a few more Deadpool 2 torrented cinema cam rips onto disc.

“The problem with the former government was they became accustomed to stealing. They thought it was their right to do what they did losing sight of right from wrong,” Yap explained helping another customer purchase a pirated Narco Season 3 boxed set.

“Now is the time for all inspired Malaysians to support the government and show the world we don’t tolerate thieves anymore!”

“After these probes are completed, I hope business improves. We’ve lost a lot of sales lately to Malaysians buying Kodi boxes!”

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