Malaysia Intercepts Singaporean Boat People Fleeing Their GST

TANJUNG BIDARA: Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) officials have intercepted a boatload of Singaporeans seeking refugee status from their country’s oppressive GST.

The boat carrying 34 Singaporean GST refugees was spotted by coastguard patrols just 20km from Melaka.  Volunteers served the tired and hungry men, women and children chicken rice balls and barley drink.

“I tossed every credit card I had into my Prada Elektra leather shoulder bag before paying a Clarke Quay bumboat people smuggler to get me here,” 27-YO refugee Mei Ling admitted, “Singapore’s GST will soon rise from 7% to 9% so I’m hoping this will be the start of a new GST-free life.”

The immigration department granted the Singaporeans entry for the weekend and they will be dropped off at Mahkota Parade Melaka shopping mall as part of the nation’s humanitarian efforts.

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