Keeping Party Funds For GE In Luggage At Leader’s Daughter’s Condo More Convenient Than Banks, Shahrir Confirms

KUALA LUMPUR: Experts closely aligned with former Felda chairman Tan Shahrir Samad have agreed the RM110million seized after the election at the properties owned by the son and daughter of former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak were there because it was more convenient than using the conventional banking system.

“This RM110million in cash was so essential to power Umno’s election machinery it remained unused in suitcases until it was seized by police,” explained Offspring Condo Cash Horde Strategist, Abdullah bin Bakar,

A foreign expert has come out to defend Najib saying hiding millions in cash around the family home isn’t fishy in any way.

“For an Umno constituency, opening a bank account or cashing a cheque can take too long and it’s not like Najib has a brother running a bank who can help.  So it’s far easier to ask the ex-PM for access to one of the KL Pavilion condominiums owned by his children, take some of the cash helpfully stored there in Sri Lankan rupees, US dollars or British pounds, convert them into Ringgit at a money changer then use them for GE14.”

Shahrir has not confirmed if the hundreds of luxury handbags, jewellery and timepieces were also part of the Umno party reelection machinery though experts suggest he might soon need RM100million  which coincidently is what he is being sued for over Felda’s mysterious Jalan Samarak land transfer last year.

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