‘Document Shredder Hamper Raya’ A Hit With BN MPs

haper raya
MALAYSIA:  With Aidilfitri not far away, several online stores have confirmed ‘paper shredder hampers’ are flying off the shelves since Tommy Thomas was sworn in as the nation’s new Attorney-General.

“Barisan Nasional supporters are always on the lookout for thoughtful hari raya treats,” explained Hampers Boleh store manager, Abdullah bin Bakar, “in addition to document shredders, hard disk scramblers and email encryption software baskets are also popular as leaders of the former regeme and their allies scramble to cover their tracks with the coming A-G led task-force investigations into graft and corruption.”


Tommy Thomas insists he’s already sat at his new desk for a full day reviewing outstanding corruption case files, however, witnesses don’t recall ever seeing him.

After his dismissal, the Umno aligned former Attorney-General Apandi Ali was overheard singing, “I’m never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm… ”


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