Plan To Lure Jho Low Out Of Hiding With Fake WeChat Profiles

PUTRAJAYA: With the MACC issuing a warrant for Low Taek Jho, or Jho Low for his involvement in 1MDB, home ministry officials have urged Malaysians abroad to assist authorities if they happen to reside in the known haunts of the pau-faced playboy.

“The only way to catch Jho Low is to flush him out of hiding, and we know he has very specific tastes,” explained home ministry klepto-catfishing entrapment supervisor, Abdullah bin Bakar,

Bounty hunters have promised to return Jho in carbonite

“What red-blooded justice-loving Malaysian travelling or living abroad in Bangkok, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Shanghai wouldn’t heed the nation’s call to pimp out their WeChat profile to resemble a materialistic ex-model Slovakian party girl?”

Volunteers are urged to contact the Home Ministry for a copy of their Jho Low-tempting fake WeChat profile guidelines as well as a customised 2-metre glue rat trap to apprehend him.

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