China Proposes Cheaper High Speed Bus To Singapore

BEIJING: Disappointed after learning Prime Minister Tun Mahathir will scrap Malaysia’s RM100bil high-speed rail service to Singapore, a Chinese consortium is hoping to salvage a business deal by proposing a more affordable high-speed bus (HSB) service instead.

“We believe Malaysians need not abandon their dream of high-speed travel between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore,” explained China Rail Alternative Singapore Hop (CRASH) spokesman, Han Chin Peng,

“Our rocket propellant powered HSB is capable of hitting speeds over 200kmh, and by disabling brakes and employing amphetamine-enhanced drivers, we guarantee to make the KL to Singapore journey under two hours,”

The cost of the proposed HSB will be RM65 for a one-way ticket which includes beverages, nasi lemak bungkus and your choice of prayer booklets according to your faith.

Malaysia’s Transport Ministry is expected to trial HSB services in the coming weeks and have advised motorists on the North-South Highway to stay out of the emergency lanes.

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