Kampung Folk Impressed By Visitor’s Shiny New Car Loan

TAIPING: The parents and relatives of 34yo Faisal Abdul Halim were bowled over this week when he arrived from KL to celebrate Raya in a shiny new car loan.

“This 90% car loan is the newest and best in its class,” Faisal proudly explained, “it’s a locally assembled Shariah-compliant finance-powered high performance higher purchase vehicle.  It comes complete with a guaranteed 9 year RM3388 per month repayment commitment.”

“Faisal wanted to surprise us by parking his new financial commitment in our driveway,” his Father explained, “he must really be moving up in the world!”

As word spread through the kampung, what most impressed people is the way Faisal convinced the bank he was an eligible borrower.

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