Husband OK With Son-In-Law Gifting Wife More Luxury Handbags Than He Does

LANGKAWI: The nation’s marriage analysts were left puzzled today after a sensitive husband admtted in an interview he is surprisingly OK with his wife receiving hundreds of luxury handbags from his son-in-law, which based on police seizures was revealed to be much more than any gift he has bought for her himself.

“Maintaining a loving marriage isn’t easy,” explained affluent in-law exhorbitant spousal generosity analyst, Abdullah bin Bakar,

“It would be easier to believe the former PM Najib Razak harboured resentment towards his super-rich Kazakhstan Son-In-Law, Daniyar Kessibayev who not only according to him, paid for the most expensive wedding celebration possible when he married his daughter, but continued to shower his new wife and mother-in-law Datin Rosmah Mansor with millions of dollars in luxury handbags and jewellery.”

Even after losing his job as PM, Najib maintained his reputation as the ‘Father of Public Transport’ by introducing a new bus to throw the 1MDB board under.


At the Reuters interview, Najib blamed the 1MDB issue on the troubled fund’s board of directors, which explains his relentless determination to bring them all to justice since news of the scandal broke in 2015.



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