Ex-Jailed Opposition Leader Endorses Leader Who Jails Opposition

ISTANBUL: This week, an until recently imprisoned Malaysian government critic endorsed the reelection of a Turkish president famous for imprisoning thousands of government critics.

“Anwar is clearly appreciative of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğa’s friendship along with his support for Palestine and interest in Middle Eastern affairs,” a source confirmed,

“Howerver, Erdoğa also enjoyed strong support from Malaysia’s former Barisan government who could relate to his debt downgrading mega projects, a lack of checks and balances and concentration of power, his lack of effective political opponents, media censorship, and his two-year ongoing state of emergency which remains his justification in targeting over 60,000 government critics like journalists and teachers in Turkey and overseas all accused of ‘terrorism,”

“This is why when you’re showing off your overseas friends in high places, you have to be selective about the things you’re praising them for!”


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