Najib Apologises After Returning Donations Through Force Of Habit

KUALA LUMPUR: The newly unveiled ‘Solidariti Bersama Datuk Najib’ suffered a setback this afternoon after it was revealed most of the donations received thus far were mysteriously returned by former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak through of force of habit.

“These funds for his legal expenses were sent to Najib freely and without conditions,” a supporter remarked, “he’s clearly no stranger to generous donations!”

“With so much going on, Najib must be on autopilot. He’s gone and returned 70% of donated funds through a complex web of sophisticated, hard to trace offshore transactions just like he did years ago,”

With Najib yet to collect sufficient funds for his upcoming trial, loyal supporters have urged him to take a break from eating expensive quinoa.


Sources close to Najib have told critics not to underestimate the grassroots support the former premier still commands.  It is understood hundreds of Umno members are to hold nightly candlelit vigils outside Bukit Aman seized evidence lockup to demand the immediate release of his cash, jewellry, and handbags.


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