Well-Behaved Turks Deported Last Year Regret Not Being Islamic Preachers

ISTANBUL: The three well-behaved Turkish nationals Malaysia had no hesitation deporting last year at the request of Ankara have lauded the Malaysian Prime Minister’s decision to allow Islamic preacher Zakir Naik to remain in the country despite requests from India he is extradited to face charges.

“It’s great that Zakir Naik can stay because he’s not causing trouble in Malaysia despite being wanted in India for possible terrorist links, “explained one of the three Turks who wasn’t causing trouble in Malaysia last year before being abducted by plain-clothed police, then deported at the request of Turkey for possible terrorist links.

“Perhaps we deported Turkish nationals who are also Muslims were deemed a threat because of our professions. We were gainfully employed in Malaysia as a school headmaster, a businessman and an academic.  If we’d only taken up Islamic preaching, we might’ve gotten Permanent Residency instead!”

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