Lebanese Lawyers Fear Rosmah Case Could Get Mezze

BEIRUT: Legal experts close to the Lebanese traders suing Malaysia’s former-FLOM over US$15mil of unpaid designer jewellery believe this legal case could get mezze.

“We thought shipping exquisite jewellery to Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor to fawn over before paying for it would boost our sales but instead of helping us, the plan is likely to hummus!”

“With our diamonds and tiaras now in Malaysian police lockup, how do we get it baklava?” said Lebanese lawyer Al Rifai lighting a cigarette despite his chest kofta.

“Now that we’ve delivered this expensive jewellery someone needs to pay the tabouli. If they waere never worn it would be such a pita.”

“It was me who promised my jeweller client Najib and Rosmah would stay in power.   Now I falafel.”

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