Najib’s Son Almost Considers Selling World Cup Tickets To Pay Sister’s Medical Bills

MOSCOW: The son of Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Nazif Najib leaped into an imaginary victory scrum last night after defeating the voices of his guilty conscience urging him to scalp his World Cup Final tickets to raise funds for his ailing sister Noralisa’s chemotherapy.

“Nazif went into this mental contest as the underdog after his controversial luxurious tour of Taipei,” explained head mental coach, Abdullah bin Bakar,

“But last night, the plucky claret sipping playboy came from behind to wrestle his conscience to the ground and enjoy the French-Croatia World Cup final without a care in the world instead of selling those final tickets and getting a refund on his Moscow travel plans raising desperately needed cash for the Razak family who according to his father remain victims of ‘draconian actions.’

Umno supreme council members still collecting funds from grassroots members on behalf of the broke Razak family slammed the Pakatan government saying Nazif would be spared these grueling mental contests within himself if only Najib and his family’s bank accounts were unfrozen.

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