Govt Not Banning Child Marriage Until Investigation Comes Of Age

PUTRAJAYA: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail under intense pressure to make child marriage a crime, has said while the government is officially against it, it can’t officially be outlawed until the ongoing investigation comes of age,

“This probe into how messed up it is that hundreds of middle-aged Muslim and non-Muslim men can legally marry little girls is still quite young,” a source close to the DPM confirmed,

“Rushing into a hasty union between an investigation and a federal law setting an 18-year minimum marriage age could do incalculable damage to the probe’s mental and physical wellbeing, especially if it’s still too young to have any idea what it’s getting itself into.”

With outraged NGOs and Malaysians baffled the child marriage ban wasn’t implemented yesterday, experts are left wondering if the delay is due to the govt worrying about losing support from some sort of f’d up pedophile vote bank.

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