Third National Car To Be Launched By 2020, Bailed Out By 2023


KUALA LUMPUR: Well placed sources close to Entrepreneur Development Minister Mohd Redzuan Yusof say the Pakatan government plan to launch a third national car project in 2020 before inevitably having to rescue it from underwhelming sales performance sometime in 2023.

“Malaysian drivers only have to look around next time they’re stuck in traffic to know the nation is suffering a severe car shortage, this is clearly the perfect time for a new player to jump in,” explained national vehicle market saturation advocate, Abdullah bin Bakar,

“The new venture will also help the govt tackle the local car manufacturer bailout shortage for even if this third car project succeeds, unless Malaysians lose their taste for BMWs, Audis, and Hondas, the first two car makers will need rescue packages as a result.”

The national car 3.0 will be built in collaboration with Asian partners like Japan, China or South Korea who have every incentive to help Malaysia produce a vehicle capable of beating their own car exports in the fiercely competitive global marketplace.

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