Drivers Taught Paying Speeding Fines Doesn’t Pay

NATION: The 675,000 Malaysian motorists who took the previous government’s automated enforcement system (AES) summons seriously were taught a valuable lesson yesterday by the Ministry of Transport.

“I’ve made a huge mistake paying speeding fines I didn’t have to,” said driving violation punishment avoidance analyst, Abdullah bin Bakar learning all unpaid fines would be waived while the drivers who had settled will receive no refunds.

“Thanks to the JPJ I’ve learned my lesson.  Next time I receive a summons or even a court order relating to unpaid AES fines, I’ll toss the notices straight in the bin. They’ll only be waived when the AES is overhauled a 4th time!”

With Transport Minister Anthony Loke confirming automated fines will definitely, really matter from the 1st of September, motorists have vowed to make the most of this August by speeding past as many AES cameras as possible.

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