Loyalists Suggest Putrajaya Go Back To Barisan So Anwar Can Lead Pakatan To Victory

KUALA LUMPUR: Facing backlash for staging a Port Dickson by-election, loyalists close to Datuk Seri Anwar have urged the Mahathir government to hand Putrajaya back to Barisan National so the PKR president can be given a chance to earn the respect of Malaysians by leading Pakatan to victory.

“Like Anwar, many of us felt a pang of regret when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was sworn in as Prime Minister,” one loyalist admitted,

“All the glory, credit and admiration that should have been Anwar’s has inadvertently gone to Dr. Mahathir.”

“We’ve come to realise that Port Dickson moves and a two-year hand over agreement will never earn Anwar the same respect as leading a coalition to victory over a kleptocratic Barison Nasional!”

“This is why the government needs to hand power back to Barisan now so Anwar can finally take his place in history by leading Pakatan to a glorious GE15 triumph!”

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