No Need For Compulsory Child Seats When We Have Bibik Arms, Drivers Say


NATION:    Motorists have questioned the Transport Ministry’s plan to make buckling up a child in a car seat compulsory by 2020 despite US research claiming backseat car safety restraints are 54% more likely to save a child’s life in the event of a road accident.

“We’ve run extensive independent tests proving a Bibik’s arms are just as good as car seats.  At least it seems to stop kids from crying whenever we try to strap them in,”  explained a local limb-based backseat road safety enthusist,

“Also, regardless of the way we drive, no harm will come to us because we have good intensions!”

“A small rear-seated child in a 50 km/h collision only has the force of a 2-tonne projectile.  Any skinny young Maid can keep their arms around that in the event of a crash to save the life of the one you hold most dear!”

“In the meantime, one shouldn’t feel compelled to rush out and buy a child seat now when you can wait until 2020 when the government says you have to.”

“We suggest, if you are using limb based restraints, ensure the child is held tight enough so that they turn a little blue.  Otherwise, in the event of a crash, they might slip through your fingers and out the windscreen like a brick through dhal-soaked a paper tosai!”

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