Govt Says When It Comes To Criminalising Marital Rape No Means No

credit Malay Mail

PUTRAJAYA:  After facing backlash from women’s groups sources close to Deputy Law Minister Mohamed Hanipa Maidin said the government didn’t want to be pressured into rolling over and recognising marital rape if it was forced on them without consent.

“A government body should be treated with respect and has rights even if you think it belongs to you,” a source confirmed.

“Just because you have a strong desire to make marital rape a crime doesn’t mean you can thrust your reform agenda our way when we’ve already clearly told you we have a headache, and are not in the mood.”

“Also, don’t try telling us Turkey, Nepal and South Korea already recognise marital rape as a crime or try to goad us into doing it because Singapore doesn’t yet.  Marital rape is too hard to prove and not enough women come forward so why make it illegal?”

“This is a complex issue with real victims.  It’s too hard to criminalise, so unlike a Malaysian marriage, in this instance no actually means no!”

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