Study Finds M’sians Who Receive Unexpected Billions Aren’t Into Asking Questions

PUCHONG: A new targeted study by the Bakar Research Institute (BRI) released today revealed that 100% of Malaysians who unexpectedly receive billions of ringgit into their personal accounts are less likely to be interested in asking questions than other typical Malaysians.

“Our findings indicate subjects tend to confidently assume who the billions were from without checking compared to a control group of Malaysians who’d trace an unwanted RM159 auto debit in their checking account to a lapsed True Fitness membership in a heartbeat,” explained clueless billions recipient analyst, Dr. Abdullah bin Bakar,

The study also confirmed Malaysians who receive surprise billions never question exactly how various people know their complete personal bank account details without their ever informing them, or had difficulties returning most of the surprise billions after later admitting they may not actually know where it originated from.

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