Cabbies Demand Govt Make Grabcars Smell As Bad As Taxis

NATION:  Today protesting taxi drivers demanded Transport Minister Anthony Loke level the playing field in Malaysia by insisting cars used by ride-sharing apps like GrabCar smell as bad as many Taxis.

“The Pakatan government must recognise if a better alternative exists to using our services, it should be lowered to meet local standards,” a protesting Cabbie explained,

“If ride-sharing and taxis have to coexist in Malaysia there must be an agreed level of disappointment to ensure everyone’s survival.  There should be a fixed quota of broken taxi meters, ride price-haggling, and car cleanliness to ensure one driver service doesn’t have an unfair advantage!

Uber and Grabcars Apps are to be equipped with meters that take into account the services being provided.
GrabCar drivers should consider providing complimentary rainy day fee negotiations just like regular taxis.


“We propose driver guidelines stipulating all passenger service vehicles should smell like someone slept in them for at least three shifts.  Vehicle shock absorbers and seat springs must be as jarring as an 86′ Proton Saga.   Ride-sharing drivers should also remember to renegotiate rides mid-journey to meet industry guidelines.”

“Yes these are tough new measures, but lowing the bar is the only way for Taxis to become attractive again!”

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