PKR Announces Merger With PKR

SHAH ALAM: Sources close to president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim have confirmed numerous open calls for PKR to merge with its bitter long-time enemy, PKR.

“Talk of politically convenient mergers are all the rage these days. We should give it a try,” said a National Congress attendee acknowledging the two rivals have previously collaborated successfully as an informal pact during the GE14 campaign and have been spotted together at several political rallies.

“For the good of the nation the time may be right for PKR and PKR to join forces,” explained political merger expediency analyst, Abdullah bin Bakar, “both would be lost without the other, so what have they got to lose?”

It is hoped the proposed merger between those who support Anwar and those who adore him, will allow both to take a break from jostling for party posts and give governing a try.

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