Pas Open To Any Conspiracy Theories Linking Missing Tabung Haji Funds To DAP

NATION: Sources close to president Abdul Hadi Awang confirmed that while PAS takes the position of not rushing into conclusions as the apparent disappearance of funds from the nation’s largest Islamic financial institutions it remained open to new information.

“The media have a way of swaying public opinion by informing the public, and while we would prefer they keep quiet bout the PriceWaterhouse Coopers audit, we should still remain open to new information,” explained PAS rejuvenation enthusiast, Abdullah bin Bakar,

“While PAS prefer the government not to politicise this issue, we remain open to any suggestions the DAP had something to do with this especially if it unites our supporters.”

The nation’s Tee Shirt printing and protest merchandise industry is understood to be pressuring PAS to hold an anti-DAP missing Tabung Haji funds rally as soon as possible.

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