Following Suzuki Cup Final Loss, Umno MP Supporters Mull Becoming Vietnamese

Submitted by our Brazil-based field correspondent,

HANOI:  Five Umno MPs have expressed an interest in jumping across to Vietnam given their habit to instinctively side with the victors of hard-fought contests.

One of them was quoted saying it was a tough decision. Unnamed sources have also confirmed that more in Umno are expected to follow suit and turn Vietnamese.

The leader of the Umno football supporters remained defiant amid calls for his sacking and claimed only a KAM (Kelong Association Of Malaysia) general assembly can remove him. He is also expected face multiple charges for bribery in relation to previous matches under his watch.

As events unfold, a senior member of KAM has called for a working relationship between KAM and the Brunei football association to ensure the survival of KAM so that Malaysia can hopefully play in the next Suzuki Cup. He claims that the KAM can sort of merge with the Brunei FA while remaining KAM in name.

Meanwhile, the police are looking for an Indian man who allegedly questioned why a Chinese or Indian cannot captain the Malaysia Baru football team.

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