Lim Kok Wing University Introduces Course In Handling Opportunistic Tweet Backlash

CYBERJAYA:  Students taking creative courses on Lim Kok Wing campuses have discovered in addition to their other courses, they can now study a new course in coping with social media backlash after your attempts to curry favour with someone now in a high place are being perceived as somewhat opportunistic.

“This new course gives students the opportunity to learn valuable life skills like sneaking into kitchens,” explained Senior Lecturer in Post-Election Victory Personal Re-branding, Dr Abdullah bin Bakar,

It is understood University founder and former Najib Razak PR strategist, Lim Kok Wing will be contributing to the course syllabus from his own challenging experience of trying to ingratiate himself with PM Tun Dr Mahathir after giving him the cold shoulder last year as opposition leader,

PR Pro Tip: If supporting Najib has left you without recent photos with the PM for your website bio page, try digging up a few old ones.


Sympathising with Lim Kok Wing, Tony Fernandes is still regretting this pre-election AirAsia charter flight up Najib’s backside.

Several students have reported difficulty reaching Lim Kok Wing University through online social media channels to complain the course in Handling Opportunistic Tweet Backlash isn’t internationally recognised, however administrators say taking yourself offline to avoid negative feedback is actually lesson 1 in the course.

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