Nation’s Passive Smokers Suffer Withdrawal

EVERYWHERE BUT SARAWAK: The nation’s second-hand smokers admitted to experiencing withdrawal today only hours after the Health Ministry’s ban on smoking in restaurants eateries and roadside stalls came into effect.

“Look at me here today eating my roti canai in fresher air. It just doesn’t feel right,” lamented passive smoker Pavandeep Singh who despite the known health warnings picked up the second-hand smoking habit years ago.

“I’d do anything for someone to sit behind me right now while I drink my Milo Ais and blow some second-hand Dunhill or strawberry vape my way. Is that too much to ask?”

Despite pressure from passive smoking enthusiasts, the Health Ministry has insisted the eatery ban will stay and suggested passive smokers simply adopt a new habit of standing next to smokers in the street or car park to get their fix.

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