Drowning M’sian Insists Only Someone Of His Race Should Save Him

MELAKA: Today a 29-year-old Malaysian visiting a local beach admitted to being in distress after swimming too far out from shore.

The man in trouble, who wished not to be identified, has so far resisted several rescue attempts insisting only someone of his race was qualified to address his needs.

“We may be in a New Malaysia, but these are divisive times. With race-based political parties still popular, it was only natural Malaysians struggling in deep water display difficulty trusting lifesavers of other races to help them,” explained prejudicial beach rescue analyst, Abdullah bin Bakar watching the man turn down several certified lifeguards.

The man in the water has informed witnesses when he is finally rescued, he wont be allowing any urgent medical treatment at Melaka Straits Medical unless a ‘suitable’ Doctor can be found.

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