Overworked Journalists To Spend 2019 Ripping Stories Off The Coverage

KUALA LUMPUR: Weary from the never-ending pressures of attending press conferences, interviewing subjects, researching, and fact-checking, the nation’s journalists revealed plans to take 2019 off, and just ‘cut and paste’ whatever stories they need for their newspapers and portals from The Coverage website.

“It’s an exhausting job being a journalist. It’s not glamorous, and the public’s expectation for a freer press has never been higher,” one hardworking freelancer, Nor, explained.

“But this year, 2019 will be different. I’m going to finally get some ‘me time’ by staying out of the field, here in an air-conditioned office comfortably ripping off whatever news stories The Coverage publishes.”

“All you have to do is tinker with the first and last paragraphs and give them a little credit as you pinch the quotes from their news sources. It’s a lot easier than digging up your own stories and I doubt they’d even notice!”

However media analysts warned if the public keeps supporting these opportunistic hacks living off the backs of real, hardworking writers like they employ at The Coverage, there might not be proper journalism in Malaysia one day.

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