Govt Unveils Anwar Countdown Clock

NATION: In an effort to end the power struggle between factions, party lobbyists and civil servants and get them to stop politicking and do some real work, the government unveiled an addition to the iconic Putrajaya signage in the government’s administrative capital today.

“We are hoping this Anwar Prime Ministerial countdown clock set to go off exactly two years after the 2018 General Election will end speculation as to when Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad will hand over to his agreed successor, Anwar Ibrahim,” explained political accession speculation quashing timepiece analyst, Abdullah bin Bakar,

“To calm Anwar’s fiercely loyal supporters and potential business investors we want to stress there are no secretive saboteurs within the government preventing him from becoming Prime Minister and he will absolutely, definitely take the reins in exactly 480 days.”

However, it is rumoured under the countdown clock in barely readable fine print, is a disclaimer that the two-year handover period might be delayed, was ‘just a suggestion,’ is open to reinterpretation, and nobody should be too worried about it.

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