Najib Suggests Trial Be Delayed Until 30th February

KUALA LUMPUR: The legal team acting for former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak continued their attempts to delay his first corruption trial today by suggesting it should be delayed a few weeks to the 30th of February.

“The trial involving the siphoning of RM42million from onetime 1MDB subsidiary SRC International by Najib abusing his power is a complex one,” explained a spokesman from the defense, “the 12th of February is a little too soon, surely the 30th of February would be fairer to the former Prime Minister and give him more time to prepare!”

Najib later reminded Malaysians that Goldman Sachs must be held responsible for 1MDB losses, because when you’re the leader of a nation and your brainchild Finance Ministry-owned international wealth fund has lost billions, the buck stops with your bankers.

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