Rosak Van DVD Player Leaves Boy No Choice But To Look Out Window

SUBANG JAYA: Joseph Lim’s ride to school took a tragic turn this morning after a malfunctioning backseat DVD player in the family Toyota Vellfire left the attention deficit sufferer with no choice but to look out the window.

“I hated to be the one to break it to Joseph, but he’s going to have to ride around today without Doraemon or Dragonball blaring at him,” explained Lim family driver, Abdullah bin Bakar,

“He’ll have to learn how to look out at actual passing cars, trees, buildings, sky and people in the real world. I wish we’d had more time to prepare him!”

Joseph after returning home from school didn’t comment on his ordeal today, but it is understood he can’t wait to grow up, get his own car, and drive into jams watching Korean soap operas on his smartphone like a responsible adult.

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