Commuter Saves 2 Seconds By Barging Onto LRT Before Others Get Off

KUALA LUMPUR: An LRT user who barged his way onto a train at Taman Jaya station this morning says he saved almost 2 seconds off his normal 20-minute journey by pushing on just as the doors opened and before others could get off.

“I would have saved more time but kiasu people always crowd the doors and start pushing onto the LRT before I can get off,” the man lamented despite doing the exact same thing himself when he boarded the train.

The man urged other passengers who aren’t him to try waiting a few seconds standing to the side as the train doors open, giving him a chance to disembark.

Experts have confirmed the likelihood of you getting a seat is 2% greater if you barge onto trains without waiting, making the risk of inconveniencing and injuring others completely worth it.

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