Police Mull Doubling Outstanding Summons Before Announcing 50% Discount

PUTRAJAYA: Traffic police who report they can only collect 30% of the millions of summonses issued each year, are considering a new proposal to encourage more motorists to finally pay their fines.

“Malaysians have become accustomed to letting their summonses pile up until they are ‘rewarded’ with a discount,” explained JPJ Violation Fine Collection Analyst, Assistant Constable, Ibrahim Bin Ali.

“Just in the past year, the JPJ waived RM435mil in AES fines and gave summons discounts of up to 50% as part of the government’s George Town Merdeka celebrations. It will take years to convince motorists to pay full price now!”

“Despite Transport Minister Anthony Loke’s call for the ending of discounts on unpaid summonses to encourage safer driving, we believe he might agree to us doubling all outstanding Road Transport Department fines before announcing a massive February 50% discount.”

“Malaysians love a good sale, even if the discounted prices ultimately ends up being what they should have paid in the first place!”

Local motoring enthusiast, Abdullah bin Bakar had this to say on the proposal after being pulled over in his Perodua Kenari hatchback this morning,

“Yes I was speeding in the emergency lane, and endangering others by using my handphone, but If the police want me to pay up and learn my lesson, they better make it worth my while!”

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