Police Propose London Workshop To Review All Unnecessary Overseas Trips

PUTRAJAYA: With the Pakatan government under fire for allowing the IGP and his entourage to enjoy a sponsored holiday in Istanbul under the guise of training, senior police officials suggested a comprehansive offsite workshop to review attendance policy for all future unnecessary overseas junkets.

“The London Marriott Hotel in Park Lane would be the ideal venue to shut out distractions and focus on formulating a working approach to approving overseas training going forward,” explained senior special constable, Abdullah bin Bakar,

“The attendees of a 7-day London workshop would be limited to only the IGP, VIPs and senior almost-retirees. Of course, spouses and children will also be required to attend to provide moral support.”

While the Home Ministry has yet to agree on the necessity for such a hotel workshop, organisers suggest its merits could be debated at the London venue.

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