Telling Nik Abduh It’s OK To Deceive Voters Also A Syariah-Compliant Lie, PAS Confirms

MALAYSIA: PAS supporters confused by leader Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz’s recent confession that he denied being in a controversial pre-GE14 audio recording, were comforted today, as PAS religious experts confirmed agreeing with Nik Abduh that it’s OK to deceive voters when you really don’t is also a Syariah-compliant lie.

“Nik Abduh denying he was featured in a recording where he confessed to receiving money from Umno was a lie. But I’m ok lying about agreeing that it’s acceptable if I get religious ‘blessings’ from party leader Hadi Awang,” PAS member Faisal explained.

PAS loyalists are now faced with two choices. One is to be truthful and say Nik Abduh telling lies is wrong and speak the truth, or they can publicly agree with him it’s OK, while quietly believing it’s wrong, and tell a lie.

PAS leaders say both are syariah-compliant choices.

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