Environmentalists Mull Love In Bauxite Mining Play So Protestors Shut It Down

KUANTAN: Environmentalists concerned about the lifting of the ban on bauxite mining are turning to the nation’s talented play-writers for assistence.

“We urgently need bauxite mining which pollutes rivers and causes respiratory illnesses shut down as soon as possible, and in our experience, the quickest way to ensure Bauxite mining is shut down is to adapt it into a play about relationships,” explained red dust choking avoidance enthusiast, Abdullah bin Bakar,

“A ‘Love in Bauxite Town’ play would tell the story of Pahang residents staying indoors and feeling each other up because the red dust made it too dangerous to go outside,”

It is hoped if the Bauxite Mining sex play can be written and produced by March 31st, the entire production will be shut down by religious protestors after one performance.

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