Man Accused Of Money Laundering Feeling Right At Home Here

PETALING JAYA: Unsurprisingly given the nation’s recent history, a Muslim preacher accused of taking RM113million meant for others, is having no problem at all settling into Malaysia as a permanent resident.”

“I think Dr Zakir Naik was concerned about acclimatising to the Malaysian way of life but it seems the people here are turning a blind eye to accusations of him stealing just like they do with our local political figures,” explained wanted preacher fund siphoning safe-haven analyst, Abdullah bin Bakar.

Dr Zakir’s aide has been arrested in connection with money laundering, and funds meant to uplift people’s welfare has found its way into his family real estate portfolio.”

“It’s great to see the preacher has much in common with many very popular political figures facing prosecution. The Pakatan government also find him ‘an inspiration.’”

It is understood Dr Zakir picked up one more typical Malaysian habit by telling New Delhi investigators wishing to question him he was ‘on the way.’

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