New MAS CEO Signs On Until Thursday

KUALA LUMPUR: Today Malaysia Airlines welcomed its latest Chief Executive Officer, Mr Helmut Schoenherr this morning who has signed a contract expiring on Thursday.

“Mr Schoenherr was previously CEO of Austrian Airline, Spiegelei Air with an impressive history of running airlines without bailouts,” one MAS board member explained,

“Other than removing well-connected political board members, examining shady long-term supply contracts, investigating fiscal leaks, or questioning the thinking behind certain aircraft purchases, Helmut is free to do whatever it takes to make MAS profitable again.”

UPDATE- Mr Helmut Schoenherr CEO of Malaysia Airlines tendered his resignation at lunchtime today citing, ’personal reasons.’

Mr Schoenherr apologised for being unable to complete his contracted term which was to expire on Thursday. He is confident the initiatives implemented during his morning at MAS will put it back on track.

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