Nation Transitions From Kleptocracy To Disappointocracy

NATION: Malaysia declared itself a disappointocracy at approximately 11pm last night as the nation’s voters, commentators, and politicians declared the nation had fallen short of expectations.

“Personally I’m very disappointed in Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s disappointment with MP Nurul Izzah Anwar’s disappointment with him,” one disillusioned Malaysian voter declared.

“After 11 months of Pakatan this isn’t the utopia we were promised. We’re living in a disappointocracy now. Malaysia’s become too racist or not enough, too liberal or not enough, too religious or not enough, there’s too much cheese being sprinkled on nasi lemak or not enough. There’s no pleasing anyone and it’s all very disappointing.”

“Is this the future? We thought there’d be flying cars. But even flying cars don’t seem to make sense anymore. It’s very disappointing.”

“What is the official Prime Ministerial succession plan? Surely Anwar should be given a chance to let us all down!”

A spokesman for the opposition also admitted to feeling disappointed as they no longer had access to government funding.

“On the plus side, Malaysians in this disappointocracy have become as disillusioned as voters in many developed nations with mature democracies we admire, such as the US, UK, and Australia.”

“Maybe greatness can only come about after great dissatisfaction. Failing that, there’s always Game of Thrones next month though, without the books, Season 8 probably won’t be as good which is disappointing.”

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